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Eugene O’Neill

An Annotated International Bibliography,
1973 through 1999

Madeline C. Smith and Richard Eaton
Jefferson: McFarland & Company, 2001
First edition


Entries A1–A21


In the last half century, the American theater has become more a part of the global theatrical community and as a result, America's playwrights and their works are receiving more attention internationally. Eugene O'Neill is perhaps the one American playwright who has gained the most renown with the global expansion of American theater. This work is not only an annotated bibliography of published works about O’Neill, but a careful record of the scores of productions of O'Neill's work both within and without the United States, in English-speaking countries and elsewhere, and the large number of published translations of his plays covering the years 1973 through 1999. The eight sections of this large work, each annotated, are: A articles in English; B books (with reviews indicated); C dissertations; D non–English language articles, books, and dissertations; E and F listings by play title of production of O'Neill's plays in the United States and abroad; G primary works by O’Neill; and H miscellaneous information on O'Neill productions.


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