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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. VII, No. 2
Summer-Fall 1983



GERALD DORSET, currently of Manhattan College, has taught in the drama departments of the universities of Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The author of a monograph on Poe, Mr. Dorset is a regular reviewer of films, plays and books for such periodicals as Cineaste, Library Journal and Bookviews.

PETER EGRI, Chairman of the Department of English at L. Etvs University, Budapest, Hungary, is a regular contributor to the Newsletter's pages most recently as author of "The Iceman Cometh: European Origins and American Originality," which was serialized in the Winter 1981, Spring 1982 and Summer-Fall 1982 issues.

BRENDA MURPHY is Associate Professor of English at St. Lawrence University. Co-editor with George Monteiro of the John Hay Howells Letters (Twayne, 1980), she has published numerous articles on realism in American fiction as well as essays on drama for Theatre Journal and Modern Drama. Her book, "The Rhythm of Life: American Realism and American Drama, 1880-1940," is nearing completion.

SUSAN TUCK, of Indiana University, is a regular contributor to the Newsletter's pages, her last appearance being a review of the Indiana Repertory Theatre's Desire Under the Elms (Spring 1983, pp. 15-19). Eugene O'Neill's Critics: Voices from Abroad, which she co-edited with Horst Frenz, will be a Fall 1983 publication of the Southern Illinois University Press.

FREDERICK C. WILKINS, his welcome mat now woven, is stalking delights to enhance your visit to Boston next March.



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