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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. VII, No. 2
Summer-Fall 1983



Autographed photo in the collection of the editor. See note #1 in "New, notes, and queries" for attendant query—and prize.


Response to the Spring issue's details (pp. 32-34) about the March 1984 conference on EUGENE O'NEILL—THE EARLY YEARS has been substantial and enthusiastic. Lacking the space to repeat those details here, I now offer only information that was not then available, but will happily send a copy of the aforementioned pages to anyone requesting it. The Winter issue will, I hope, include a complete list of conference events and the times of their occurrence. I itch to reveal other probable features but will prudently await confirmation!

1. KEYNOTE SPEAKER. It is an honor to announce that Barbara Gelb, coauthor of the biography O'Neill, will deliver the keynote address, at either the Thursday dinner or the Sunday brunch, depending on the exigencies of her own spring schedule. Anyone familiar with O'Neill, the product of six years of exhaustive research, is aware of how valuable Mrs. Gelb's contribution will be to our examination of the playwright's early years.

2. ADDITIONAL SPEAKERS. The following have joined the roster of speakers on p. 33 of the Spring issue. In some cases, the title of the paper has not been determined; in others, the editor has ventured a tentative one that the speaker may well alter.

Haskell Block, SUNY-Binghamton, co-editor of Masters of Modern Drama: "O'Neill and German Expressionism: A Reassessment."

Virginia Floyd, Bryant College, editor of Eugene O'Neill: A World View and Eugene O'Neill at Work: Newly Released Ideas for Plays.

Joyce Flynn, Harvard University: "O'Neill, Paul Green, and the American History Play."

Richard Hornby and Barry Witham, Ohio State University: co-panelists with Yvonne Shafer in the previously announced discussion of "European Influences on O'Neill."

Jordan Y. Miller, University of Rhode Island, author of Eugene O'Neill and the American Critic and editor of Playwright's Progress: O'Neill and the Critics.

Brenda Murphy, St. Lawrence University: "O'Neill's Early Experiments with Realistic Form."

Robert K. Sarlós, University of California-Davis, author of Jig Cook and the Provincetown Players: Theatre in Ferment: "Dionysus in Provincetown."

3. STAFF ADDITIONS. Steven F. Bloom of Emmanuel College will serve as assistant director of the conference, joining the beleaguered editor in the manifold tasks of creating a smooth and efficient operation come March. Thomas F. Connolly, a graduate student at Boston University, will join Bloom and Wilkins as activities coordinator.

4. MEMBERS OF PANEL ON TEACHING O'NEILL. Three educators have thus far volunteered to participate in the discussion of O'Neill in the classroom, to which the first paragraph on the last issue's 34th page was devoted: James R. Harris, John Jay High School, Katonah, NY; Kristin Morrison, Boston College; and Gary Vena, Manhattan College. More are welcome to join this pioneering triumvirate.

5. HOTEL: PARK OR PARKER? The Spring "update" listed the Parker House as the reduced-price hotel for conference registrants, while the hotel mentioned in the preregistration form was the Park Plaza. An explanation is in order. The Park Plaza, while somewhat farther from Suffolk University, offered better rates and was chosen—but after the update was printed. Apologies to those who prefer the Parker House—which is of course available to registrants, but not at reduced rates and not via the preregistration form. (The quoted Park Plaza rates do not include a Massachusetts tax of 5%.)

6. NOTA BENE: PRICES RISE AFTER 1983. The next issue will be accompanied by "Preregistration Form B," reflecting a $5 increase in conference fees after December 31st. I.e., he who delays, pays. Ergo, best "sign on" ere uncorking the bubbly!

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