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During O’Neill’s lifetime and for a number of years after his death, research into his creative life was hampered by the strict security measures that guarded his privacy. There is no reason to quarrel with these restrictions since the conditions they imposed were essential to his work. In recent years, although access to basic materials is not entirely free, the situation has materially eased. Furthermore, in recent biographies and critical studies and in such helpful anthologies as O’Neill and His Plays, compiled by Oscar Cargill, N. Bryllion Fagin and William J. Fisher, much important commentary has been made generally available. Insofar as possible, I have worked with original materials, but if the passage quoted has been reprinted in a source that is easily accessible, I have provided reference to that work in my notes.

All substantive footnotes are in the text itself. Those signaled by superscript numerals are references only and may be found at the end of the volume. Page references to quotations from O’Neill’s plays are given in square brackets at the end of the quotation. In quoting from the unpublished writing of O’Neill, in order to avoid the excrescent “sic,” I have silently emended small errors of spelling and punctuation.

References in the text and footnotes to the published works of Eugene O’Neill are to the following volumes:

The Plays of Eugene O’Neill. New York, 1955. 3 vols.
Contains all of the plays except those listed below.

Ten Lost Plays of Eugene O’Neill. New York, 1964.
Contains Abortion, Fog, The Movie Man, Recklessness, Servitude, The Sniper, Thirst, Warnings, The Web, A Wife for a Life.

“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” Yale University Library Gazette, XXV, 2 (October, 1960).

Hughie. New Haven, Conn., 1959.

Inscriptions, Eugene O’Neill to Carlotta Monterey O’Neill. Privately printed, New Haven, Conn., 1960.

The Calms of Capricorn. Ed. Donald Gallup, New Haven, 1982.

Long Day’s Journey into Night, New Haven, Conn., 1955.

A Moon for the Misbegotten, New York, 1952.

More Stately Mansions, New Haven, Conn., 1964.

Poems, 1912-1942. Ed. Donald Gallup, New Haven, 1979.

“Tomorrow.” The Seven Arts, June, 1917.

A Touch of the Poet, New Haven, Conn., 1957.

Work Diary, 1924-1943. Ed. Donald Gallup, New Haven, 1981.

Copies of O’Neill’s unpublished writings may be found in the following locations:

The Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Now I Ask You, The Personal Equation, The Reckoning, The Revelation of John the Divine, S.O.S.

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven, Conn.
Chris Christophersen.

The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
Bread and Butter, Shell Shock.

Additional bibliographical information may be found in

Ralph Sanborn and Barrett H. Clark, A Bibliography of the Works of Eugene O’Neill. New York, 1931.

Jordan Y. Miller, Eugene O’Neill and the American Critic. Archon Books, Hamden, Conn., 1962.

Oscar Cargill, N. Bryllion Fagin and William J. Fisher, O’Neill and His Plays. New York, 1961.

Timo Tiusanen, O’Neill’s Scenic Images. Princeton, N.J., 1968.

Egil Törnqvist, A Drama of Souls. Uppsala, Sweden, 1968.


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