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O'Neill: Life with Monte Cristo

Arthur and Barbara Gelb
New York: Applause Books, 2000
First edition, with dust jacket

Chapter One

New York Times Review, May 19, 2000

New York Times Review, June 4, 2000


Arthur and Barbara Gelb have done the seemingly impossible: they have improved on their magisterial and seminal 1962 biography of O'Neill.  They have done so by digging up many new facts and details, by looking at recently discovered letters and documents, and, most helpfully, by providing a brilliant survey of the theatre scene in America at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.  This enables them to place O'Neill in context for he was as much a product of the theatre which preceded him as he was a groundbreaking innovator who changed American drama forever.Jackson R. Bryer


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