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Preface : "A Pioneering Life"

Introduction: "Blackhawk's Land"

Part I: Midwest Beginnings (1876-1907)

Chapter 1: "A Town Springs Up"

Chapter 2: "Families in Fact and Fiction"

Chapter 3: "Society Girls

Chapter 4: Delphic Days"

Chapter 5: "'Murder, She Wrote': The Genesis of Trifles"

Chapter 6: "Chicago"

Part II: Susan and Jig (1907-1913)

Chapter 7: "A Greek Out of Time"

Chapter 8 "The Monist Society"

Chapter 9: "Letters to Mollie"

Chapter 10: "Travel at Home and Abroad”

Chapter 11: "Though Stone Be Broken"

Chapter 12: "Staging Area for the Future"

Interlude 1: Greenwich Village 1913, "The Joyous Season"

Part III: The Provincetown Players (1914-1922)

Chapter 13: "A Home by the Sea"

Chapter 14: "War and Peace"

Chapter 15: "A Theatre on a Wharf"

Chapter 16: "Summer 1916, Two Playwrights"

Chapter 17: "A New Kind of Theatre"

Chapter 18: "Fire from Heaven" on MacDougal Street"

Chapter 19: "Here Pegasus was Hitched"

Chapter 20: "Inheritors"

Chapter 21: "The Verge and Beyond"

Chapter 22: "The End of the Dream"

Interlude 2: Delphi 1922-1924, "The Road to the Temple"

Part IV: Going On (1924-1948)

Chapter 23: "Picking Up the Pieces"

Chapter 24: "Novel Times"

Chapter 25: "Alison's House"

Chapter 26: "Break Up"

Chapter 27: "The Federal Theatre Project"

Chapter 28: "A Different War"

Chapter 29: "Completing the Circle"



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