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An Hour of American Drama

Clark, Barrett H.
Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1930
First edition, with dust jacket


Barrett Clark has been connected with the theater both actively and as a critic most of his life, and knows personally most of the playwrights.  He says that this book is "an informal record of effort and achievement, a sort of retrospective diary."  Mr. Clark believes that it is only within the past ten or fifteen years that America has produced an adult drama, one rooted in reality, that may really be called native American and not just a reflection of the Russian or German.  He lists the playwrights who, he thinks, have contributed most to this drama, gives a brief sketch of each and a criticism of his most significant plays.  Among those discussed are Eugene O'Neill, George Kelly, Elmer Rice, Sidney Howard, Philip Barry, Lynn Rigs, and Paul Green, most of whom have produced more than one popular success.dust jacket


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