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Chris Christophersen


See "Anna Christie" for Chris's song "Yosephine." In Chris Christophersen, the song is made much of in defining the old sailor's character. In the first scene, Larry, the bartender, laughs that he is a "divil to sing that song of his.... He'll drive you mad with that silly tune." Shortly, after Chris's entrance, Mickey, a sailor, recognizes Chris from hearing him sing the song, "D'yo mind that singin'.... I'll take my oath I've heard that voice somewheres before.... You'd not forget a screechin' like his, ever." The episode was dropped in revision as was the singing of a phrase from the chanty "Rio Grande."

Mickey (almost chanting the words) We'll find a tall, smart daisy of a full-rigged ship with skys'ls a beautiful, swift hooker that'll take us flyin' south through the Trades. Devlin (sings) Oh, away Rio! [I, 811]

Rio Grande - traditional ca. 1848


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