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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. XII, No. 2
Summer-Fall, 1988



ALBERT BERMEL is Professor of Theatre at Lehman College and Acting Executive Officer of the Ph.D. Program in Theatre at the Graduate Center of C.U.N.Y.

STEPHEN A. BLACK, Professor of English at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, is completing a book on the biographical impetus behind O'Neill's works.

MARSHALL BROOKS is editor of Nostoc, associate editor of the Newsletter, and C.E.O. of Arts End Books, which published Sherry Mangan's Blackness of a White Night (1987).

WILLIAM F. CONDEE is Assisant Professor of Theatre and Head of the Theatre Arts and Drama Program at Ohio University in Athens, OH.

THOMAS F. CONNOLLY is a Lecturer in English at Suffolk University and a doctoral candidate in theatre at Tufts University.

VIRGINIA FLOYD is the author or editor of four volumes on O'Neill, the latest being Eugene O'Neill: The Unfinished Plays (1988), published by Continuum in New York.

BARBARA GELB is co-author with Arthur Gelb of the biography O'Neill, author of So Short a Time: A Biography of John Reed and Louise Bryant, and co-chair of the Theatre Committee for Eugene O'Neill.

LIU HAIPING, Chair of the English Faculty in the Department of Foreign Languages at Nanjing University in China, organized and directed the Nanjing O'Neill conference last June.

RICHARD HORNBY, Professor of Theatre at Florida State University, is the author of Script Into Performance and a book on metatheatre in modern drama.

MARILYN JURICH, a specialist in fantasy, folklore and children's literature, is Assistant Professor of English at Suffolk University.

MICHAEL MANHEIM, Vice President of the Eugene O'Neill Society and Professor of English at the University of Toledo, is the author of Eugene O'Neill's New Language of Kinship.

JEFFREY D. MASON is Associate Professor of Theatre at California State University in Bakersfield.

MARC MAUFORT, a frequent writer and speaker on O'Neill's "Melville connection" and director of the Belgian conference on O'Neill last May, teaches at the University Libre de Bruxelles.

JORDAN Y. MILLER, Professor of English at the University of Rhode Island and Secretary-Treasurer of the Eugene O'Neill Society, is the author of Eugene O'Neill and the American Critic.

FREDERICK C. WILKINS, editor of the Newsletter and President of the Eugene O'Neill Society, chairs the Department of English at Suffolk University.



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