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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. XII, No. 1
Spring, 1988



THOMAS P. ADLER is Professor of Dramatic Literature and Film and Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Purdue University. His Mirror on the Stage: The Pulitzer Plays as an Approach to American Drama was published in 1987 by the Purdue University Press.

LINDA BEN-ZVI, Professor of English at Colorado State University, has published a book on Samuel Beckett and is completing a biography of playwright Susan Glaspell.

TRAVIS BOGARD. Emeritus Professor of Dramatic Art at the University of California, Berkeley, is the author of Contour in Time: The Plays of Eugene O'Neill (rev. ed., 1988) and editor of the imminent Library of America volumes of O'Neill's plays and (with Jackson R. Bryer) of the selected letters of O'Neill, promised for late summer by Yale University Press.

MICHAEL HINDEN is Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eugene O'Neill Society. He has published numerous articles on O'Neill and classical and modern drama, and is currently at work on a book-length critical study of Long Day's Journey Into Night.

PHILIP C. KOLIN, Professor of English at the University of Southern Mississippi and co-editor of Studies in American Drama, 1945-Present, has written or edited twelve books, the most recent being Conversations with Edward Albee (UP Mississippi) and American Playwrights Since 1945: A Guide to Scholarship, Criticism and Performance (forthcoming from Greenwood Press).

MARC MAUFORT, of the University of Brussels, has spoken and written frequently about O'Neill, especially about his affinities with Herman Melville. He was the director of the international conference on "Eugene O'Neill and the Emergence of American Drama" In Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium, in May 1988.

LAURIN R. PORTER, Associate Professor of English at the University of Texas at Arlington, spent the past year in London, where she feasted on the theatrical riches of the West End and completed a book-length manuscript entitled "Possessors Dispossessed: The Late Plays of Eugene O'Neill."

SUSAN TUCK, co-editor with Horst Frenz of Eugene O'Neill's Critics: Voices from Abroad (Southern Illinois UP, 1984), has made extensive study of the connections between the drama of Eugene O'Neill and the fiction of William Faulkner.

PAUL D. VOELKER, Professor of English and Drama at the University of Wisconsin Center-Richland, and President of the American Drama Society, has published essays on O'Neill in Studies in Bibliography, American Literature and the Eugene O'Neill Newsletter.

FREDERICK C. WILKINS, Chair and Professor of English at Suffolk University, is President of the Eugene O'Neill Society and editor of the Eugene O'Neill Newsletter. His centennial tribute to O'Neill will appear in the July-August 1988 issue of Americana Magazine.

GARY JAY WILLIAMS is Associate Professor of Drama at the Catholic University of America. His extensive research on O'Neill's early years was utilized by Margaret Loftus Ranald, for whose Eugene O'Neill Companion he wrote the articles on the Provincetown Players and the Experimental Theatre, Inc.



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