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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. VIII, No. 3
Winter, 1984



FREDERICK I. CARPENTER, Professor Emeritus of English at the U. of Cal. -Berkeley, is the author of many books and articles on American writers. His Eugene O'Neill (Twayne) is now available in paperback.

WINIFRED FRAZER, Professor Emeritus of English at the U. of Florida and author of several major monographs on O'Neill and American drama, has just published Mabel Dodge Luham (Twayne, 1984). She is a former president of the Eugene O'Neill Society.

ALBERT E. KALSON, Associate Professor of English at Purdue University, reviewed London productions of Strange Interlude and Long Day's Journey in the Spring 1984 issue, pp. 30-32.

MARCELLINE KRAFCHICK, Assistant Professor of English at the U. of Cal.-Hayward, is completing a dissertation on novelist and screen writer Daniel Fuchs. Her work has appeared in Theatre Journal and Arizona Quarterly.

TRAVIS BOGARD, author of Contour in Time: The Plays of Eugene O'Neill, is Professor of Dramatic Art at the U. of Cal.-Berkeley. He is cataloging the extant letters of O'Neill, preparing an edition of selected letters with Jackson Bryer, and editing the volume of O'Neill's plays that will he a part of the Library of America series.

HAIPING LIU, Professor of Foreign Languages and Literature at Nanjing U. in China, spoke on "O'Neill in China" at the Eugene O'Neill conference last March. His reactions to American theatre during his visit here were reported in the New York Times of Oct. 14, 1984 (Sec. II, pp. 6, 8). He will return for the conference on O'Neill's later years in 1986.

TOM J. A. OLSSON, curator of the archives at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, is preparing an international symposium on O'Neill and Strindberg that will be held in Stockholm in 1988. His book, O'Neill and the Royal Dramatic, was reviewed in the Summer-Fall 1984 issue of the Newsletter (p. 31).

ROBERT PERRIN, Assistant Professor of English at Indiana State U., where he teaches composition and rhetoric, will assume the editorship of Indiana English in 1985. A composition text by Professor Perrin was recently published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

SHELLY REGENBAUM teaches English at Kansas State U. and is a frequent speaker at annual conventions of MLA and ATA. Her 1984 ATA paper, summarized in this issue by Paul Voelker, was on "Abraham, Isaac and the Promised Land in O'Neill's Early New England Plays."

GARY VENA, Assistant Professor of English at Manhattan College, was a member of the "Teaching O'Neill" panel at last March's O'Neill conference. His essay, "The Role of the Prostitute in the Plays of Eugene O'Neill," was published in Drama Critique.



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