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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. VIII, No. 2
Summer-Fall 1984



MARSHALL BROOKS, editor of Nostoc, is associate editor, art director and layout honcho of the Newsletter.

THOMAS F. CONNOLLY, activities coordinator of the March 1984 O'Neill conference at Suffolk University, serves the Newsletter regularly as roving reviewer, while dividing the rest of his time between political and academic pursuits.

PTER EGRI, Professor of English at the University of Budapest, is a regular contributor to the Newsletter's pages--most recently as author of "Beneath The Calms of Capricorn: O'Neill's Adoption and Naturalization of European Models," which appeared in the Summer-Fall 1983 issue (pp. 6-17). He is currently Chairman of the Hungarian Association for English and American Studies.

EUGENE K. HANSON is Professor of English at College of the Desert and a member of the Board of Directors of the Eugene O'Neill Society. A frequent contributor to the Newsletter's pages, he also writes a weekly drama review for the Palm Springs (CA) newspaper, The Desert Sun.

MICHAEL E. RUTENBERG, Professor of Theatre and Film at Hunter College of the City University of New York, is the Artistic Director of The American Art Theatre, and a member of The Mystery Writers of America, The Dramatist Guild, and The Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers. He discussed The Hairy Ape in the January 1980 issue of the Newsletter (pp. 11-15).

PAUL D. VOELKER is Associate Professor of English and Drama at the University of Wisconsin Center-Richland. He is a frequent speaker at MLA and ATA conventions--most recently as chair of a panel, "What Is American About the American Drama?" at ATA last August, a convention whose O'Neill connections he will report on in the next issue. In the issue preceding this one, he suggested "An Agenda for O'Neill Studies" (pp. 11-15).

FREDERICK C. WILKINS is Professor and Chairman of the Department of English, Suffolk University; vice president of the Eugene O'Neill Society; and editor of the Eugene O'Neill Newsletter, for whose incorrigible tardiness he remains resignedly apologetic.



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