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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. VIII, No. 2
Summer-Fall 1984



[The following expansion of a bibliography presented at the MLA special session on O'Neill last December might have been titled "The ABC's of O'Neill Publication, 1980-1983," as its three parts are, in order, Articles, Books, and Chapters in books not entirely about O'Neill. It attempts to be an exhaustive list of all O'Neill-related publication during the first four years of the 1980s; but I am sure that, given both the worldwide interest in O'Neill and my limited time for research, it is far from complete. In December, I requested information about items I had then omitted, and much was forthcoming, especially from Charles A. Carpenter, whose own annual bibliography in Modern Drama is a model of the bibliographic craft at its very best. To Professor Carpenter, and to all the others who submitted additions, my deepest thanks. I will now close the books on 1980-1983 and begin a comparable collection for 1984 et seq.

Readers will note that the book list includes three works published in 1979. I felt that the three were too important to omit even though they fell outside the chronological limits I'd initially set. This is, of course, disrespectful to authors of 1979 articles about O'Neill; and now, so late in another year, it is probably also unfair to authors of 1984 books not to do the same thing for them! But I had to draw the line somewhere, and I assure the latter group prominence in the next such bibliography.

The December presentation included my comments about the list, entitled "Current Trends in O'Neill Publication." I have omitted those comments here, since the expanded list vitiates their generalizations. But I will send a copy of the now-outdated comments to anyone who requests them. --Editor.]


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--compiled by Frederick C. Wilkins



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