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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. VII, No. 3
Winter, 1983



The first of the three O'Neill Society-related events at December's Modern Language Association Convention in New York City was described at length in the Society Section of the last issue: a special session entitled "Reevaluating O'Neill: New Approaches, New Discoveries," directed by Michael Hinden, with papers by Michael Manheim, Frederick Wilkins and Paul Voelker. For paper titles, see p. 36 of the Summer-Fall issue, but the time and place had best be repeated:

Date: Wednesday, December 28.
Hour: 10:15-11:30 a.m.
Room: Clinton, New York Hilton.

Two other events, both on the same day as the special session, at noon and 5:15 respectively, can now be announced.

1. Meeting of the Society's Board of Directors: noon to 1 p.m. in the suite reserved by Indiana University in the New York Hilton. The room number will be announced at the 10:15 special session. The agenda will include endorsement of a slate of candidates (officers and board members) for 1984-85; nomination of honorary board members; planning for the 1984 special session on O'Neill; discussion of centennial events; dues merger of the Society and the Eugene O'Neill Foundation, Tao House; and any other matters that board members wish to add.

2. 1983 Annual Meeting of the Society: 5:15-6:45 p.m. at the Museum of Broadcasting, One East Fifty-third Street, a short distance from the Hilton. Annual elections for officers and members of the board will be held at that time, and many matters of interest to all O'Neillians will be aired and discussed.

Remember: all three events occur on Wednesday, December 28. Dues for 1984 will be accepted at any of them. For non-members contemplating joining the Society, the 28th will be a splendid opportunity to meet the membership and learn about imminent activities. Window-shoppers are welcome!



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