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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. IX, No. 1
Spring, 1985



I. O'NEILL SESSION IN CHICAGO. The Society-sponsored special session on O'Neill at the 1985 MLA Convention in Chicago next December will be chaired by Paul D. Voelker of the University of Wisconsin Center-Richland. The session's official title is "Eugene O'Neill's Forebears and Contemporaries: Studies in Relation and Influence." Professor Voelker received, in response to his previous call for papers, many worthy proposals, from which, because of time restrictions, he has limited his selection to three:

"O'Neill, Belasco, and Herne: Beyond the Horizon and American Intertextuality," by Brenda Murphy, St. Lawrence University.

"Susan Glaspell and Eugene O'Neill: The Imagery of Gender," by Linda Ben-Zvi, Colorado State University.

"O'Neill and Otto Rank: The Double and Individuation," by Stephen Watt, University of Tennessee.

The time and place of the session, and of the Society's Annual Meeting, will be announced in a future issue of the Newsletter.

II. SUGGESTIONS INVITED FOR CENTENNIAL VOLUME. As was indicated in the minutes of the 1984 Annual Meeting (Winter 1984 issue, pp. 42-43), the Society is considering the publication of a special volume on O'Neill to commemorate his centenary in 1988. Members'
suggestions for the volume's contents will be welcome and can be sent either to Society President Albert Wertheim, Department of English, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47401, or to Professor Jackson Bryer, Department of English, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742. Professor Bryer agreed at the 1984 meeting to undertake initial work on the project.



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