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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. III, No. 3
January, 1980



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As the Newsletter follows America's greatest playwright into the 1980's, completing its
third year and volume with the present issue, it is gratifying indeed to review the mass of
information and insights, both penetrating and peripheral, that its existence has permitted
to be shared by an ever-growing readership. Judging from your affirmative comments, I infer that the publication's raison d'être and value have been firmly established; and I will use your many helpful suggestions in striving to make subsequent volumes even richer and more valuable than the three now completed.

O'Neill's presence will loom large in the years ahead. The recently begun centennial efforts of the Theater Committee for Eugene O'Neill and the growth in membership and activities of the Eugene O'Neill Society, whose first plenary session will be held at Tao House on December 29, are enough by themselves to suggest that the 1980's will be an O'Neill Decade. Add to them the growing number of books and articles on the playwright, and the increasing frequency of productions of his plays—the list of them in this issue is the longest yet—and one's excitement can really blossom! It will continue to be the Newsletter's goal, how-ever arduous the task may become, to gather and relay all that is happening; to provide an avenue of communication among the various centers of O'Neill activity, both theatrical and scholarly; and to print as much as it can, about the playwright's life, times and work, that deserves publication but might not otherwise achieve it. The continued support of a dedicated and informed readership will make that goal realizable. Many thanks to you all.

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