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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. II, No. 3
January, 1979



Jordan Y. Miller's Eugene O'Neill and the American Critic: A Bibliographical Checklist (2nd ed., rev., 1973) is so good that it needs very little help. But every secondary bibliography can use some degree of supplementing and correcting, and Miller's is no exception--especially since it is restricted to English-language material. In the course of my work on an international bibliography of modern drama studies, 1966-80, I have located many substantial discussions of O'Neill which, for one reason or another, are not included in Miller. The most important and elusive of these are parts of books. Listed below are fifty-odd chapters or other sections of books that might interest O'Neill scholars. I welcome addenda to the addenda.

--Charles A. Carpenter

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