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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. II, No. 2
September, 1978



FREDERIC I. CARPENTER, of the Department of English, University of California at Berkeley, is the author of Eugene O’Neill (Twayne), the second edition of which will appear in the spring of 1979 and will include the critique of Hughie that is printed in this issue. Professor Carpenter’s “The Enduring O’Neill: The Early Plays” was in the May 1977 issue of the Newsletter. He is the author of many other works on American and English literature, including studies of Robinson Jeffers and Emerson.

PETER EGRI, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Budapest, is working on a monograph on O’Neill and will speak on The Iceman Cometh at the International Seminar in Debrecen, Hungary, in early September. A letter by Professor Egri on O’Neill in Hungary appeared in the May 1977 issue of the Newsletter.

WINIFRED FRAZER, Professor of English at the University of Florida, directed an O’Neill seminar at the 1975 MLA Convention in San Francisco. She is the author of Love As Death in “The Iceman Cometh”: A Modern Treatment of an Ancient Theme (1967) and essays on Anna Christie, The Iceman Cometh and other plays of O’Neill. She reviewed an earlier production of Desire Under the Elms in the January 1978 issue of the Newsletter.

GEORGE HAMLIN, Producing Director of the Loeb Drama Center at Harvard University, has been active in the theatre for more than 30 years as an actor, director, teacher and producer. He was managing director of the Dock Street Theatre, Charleston, S.C., and of the New Dramatists in New York. As production associate for Roger L. Stevens at the Playwrights Company in New York, his assignments included the Broadway productions of Miss Lonelyhearts, Time Remembered and The Firsthorn. He came to Harvard when the Loeb was one year old (1961), and since that time has staged over thirty mainstage productions there.

GEORGE H. “PAT” QUINBY studied under George Pierce Baker at Yale, and was stage manager for Grand Hotel and Double Door in New York City before returning to his alma mater, Bowdoin College, in 1934, where he was director of dramatics until 1966 and taught playwriting until 1969. His O’Neill productions at Bowdoin included Bound East for Cardiff, Long Day’s Journey, The Straw, The Emperor Jones and Ah, Wilderness!--the second, third and fifth of which he also directed in Iran, an experience which he described in the September 1977 issue of the Newsletter. He followed O’Neill to sea as a merchant seaman in ‘25-’26.

EDWARD L. SHAUGHNESSY, Associate Professor of English at Butler University, has published articles on Santayana in the Markham Review (May 1974), Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (Spring 1975) and Journal of American Studies (August 1976). He will be on sabbatical leave during the spring of 1979 and will divide his time between Harvard (work on Santayana in the Widener) and Yale (work on O’Neill in the Beinecke).

LOUIS SHEAFFER, Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer of Eugene O’Neill (O’Neill, Son and Playwright, 1968; O’Neill, Son and Artist, 1973), worked on the Brooklyn Eagle from the mid-30’s until its demise in 1955, serving in its last years as drama critic. He was press agent for two legendary Quintero-directed O’Neill productions--the off-Broadway revival of The Iceman Cometh, and the first American production of Long Day’s Journey--which activities, combined with an earlier love for O’Neill, led to the biographical project, which has won the undying gratitude of all O’Neill scholars and fans. It is a pleasure to voice that gratitude in 1978, as we celebrate the tenth and fifth anniversaries of the two volumes.

PAUL D. VOELKER, Associate Professor of Drama at the University of Wisconsin Center in Marshfield, is returning to academe after a year’s leave of absence during which he served as consultant to the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre’s O’Neill project (see “The Milwaukee Rep’s Dynamic Duo” in the January 1978 issue of the Newsletter). His previous Newsletter contributions include “O’Neill and George Pierce Baker” (September 1977) and a review of A Moon for the Misbegotten (January 1978).

LATE FLASH!  Two O’Neill events at MLA Convention in December (both in the New York Hilton): a three-hour discussion featuring scholars, actors and directors (Bogard, Raleigh, Robards, Dewhurst, Fitzgerald, Brown, Quintero et al.) at 2:30 on December 29 in the Grand Ballroom East; and a meeting to initiate a Eugene O’Neill Society, at 10 a.m. on December 30 in Room 504.



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