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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. II, No. 1
May, 1978



VIRGINIA FLOYD, Professor of English at Bryant College, is well-known to readers of the Newsletter. At present she is editing a volume of the essays on O’Neill that were delivered by American and European scholars at her seminars on O’Neill in 1976 and 1977 at MLA. Its anticipated title is Eugene O’Neill: European and American Perspectives. She is also a major force behind the special O’Neill events impending at the 1978 MLA Convention; and in her spare time (!), she is preparing to lecture on O’Neill’s late plays in Hungary in September.

ALICE J. KELLMAN, Assistant Editor of The Drama Review, is completing a Ph.D. in Drama at New York University. The contents of her dissertation, on the New York productions of the Provincetown Players, were described on page 23 of the January 1978 issue.

KRISTIN MORRISON, Professor of English at Boston College, is the author of the entries on American drama in Handbook of Contemporary Drama, ed. Michael Anderson, et al. (Crowell & Pitman, 1971, 1972); and has published articles on modern drama and fiction in Texas Studies in Literature and Language, Quarterly Journal of Speech, Western Humanities Review and Continuum. Her essay on Pinter’s No Man’s Land will appear in American Imago, and she is currently working on a book-length study of violence in modern English and American drama.

ROGER W. OLIVER is an Assistant Professor of English and Dramatic Literature at New York University, where he specializes in modern drama. This summer he will help inaugurate NYU’s London program by teaching a “drama in performance” course. An abstract of his essay on black characterization in three O’Neill plays is included in this issue of the Newsletter.

JAMES A. ROBINSON, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Maryland, is currently conducting research on Oriental philosophy in O’Neill’s plays of the l920’s--a project that is described on page 23 of the January issue of the Newsletter, and for which he still welcomes the assistance of fellow scholars. In addition to. his O’Neill work, he has published articles on Edith Wharton (in The Markham Review) and Nelson Algren (in a graduate-student journal, The Gypsy Scholar).



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