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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. I, No. 3
January, 1978



VIRGINIA FLOYD, Professor of English at Bryant College, directed one of the two seminars on O'Neill at the 1977 MLA Convention in Chicago last December--an event that she will summarize in the next issue of the Newsletter. She has been invited to speak on O'Neill's late plays at the American section of the International Literary Seminar in Debrecen, Hungary, in September 1978.

WINIFRED FRAZER, Professor of English at the University of Florida, directed an O'Neill seminar at the 1975 MLA Convention in San Francisco, and is the author of Love As Death in "The Iceman Cometh": A Modern Treatment of an Ancient Theme (Gainesville: University of Florida Press, 1967) and important essays on Anna Christie, The Iceman Cometh and other plays of O'Neill.

HORST FRENZ, Professor: of English and Comparative Literature at Indiana University, is the author of Eugene O'Neill, trans. Helen Sebba (New York: Frederick Ungar, 1971), and of numerous articles on world theatre, especially European productions of O'Neill and other American playwrights. He is editor of American Playwrights on Drama (New York: Hill and Wang, 1965).

MICHAEL HINDEN, Associate Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, teaches modern drama and has published a variety of essays on twentieth-century playwrights and the nature of tragedy. His O'Neill contributions include "The Birth of Tragedy and The Great God Brown" (Modern Drama, September 1973, pp. 129-140), "Liking O'Neill" (Forum, Winter 1974, pp. 59-66), and "Desire Under the Elms: O'Neill and American Romance" (Forum, forthcoming).

ANN D. HUGHES, Assistant Professor of English at Suffolk University, Boston, is Co-ordinator of Suffolk's Freshman English program and teaches two courses in the Bible as literature. A 1977 lecture, "Women in the Bible," won her high acclaim. She has published essays in Discourse and the Saturday Review.

SALLY THOMAS PAVETTI, Curator of Monte Cristo Cottage in New London, is currently supervising the arduous efforts to restore the home to its 1912 state. Her guided tour of the cottage makes a visit to New London a most delightful and informative experience for any lover of O'Neill. Her article in this issue is reprinted from Prologue (November 4, 1977), a publication of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater Company.

PAUL D. VOELKER, Assistant Professor of Drama at the University of Wisconsin Center in Marshfield, is spending the current academic year as consultant to the Milwaukee Rep's O'Neill project, which is described in this issue of the Newsletter. His previous work on O'Neill was
summarized in the September issue (pp. 4-6).



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