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Editor: Frederick Wilkins
Suffolk University, Boston

Vol. I, No. 1
May, 1977



TRAVIS BOGARD, Professor of Dramatic Art, University of California at Berkeley, and author of Contour in Time: The Plays of Eugene O’Neill (Oxford), is the director of educational and artistic programs at Tao House. He asks that readers who may have ideas for programs that might be conducted in the facility communicate them to him in care of The Eugene O’Neill Foundation, Tao House, P.O. Box 402, Danville, CA 94526. His essay in this issue is reprinted by permission of the author and San Francisco Theatre Magazine, where it first appeared.

FREDERIC I. CARPENTER, of the Department of English, University of California at Berkeley, is the author of Eugene O’Neill (Twayne) and many other works on American and English literature, including studies of Robinson Jeffers and Emerson.

PETER EGRI, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Budapest, is, as his letter indicates, working on a monograph on O’Neill. At the 1977 MLA Convention in Chicago in December, he will be speaking on “The Uses of the Short Story in Chekhov’s and O’Neill’s Plays.”

VIRGINIA FLOYD, Professor of English at Bryant College, will direct a seminar on “A European Perspective of O’Neill” at the MLA’s 1977 Convention in Chicago next December. Her panelists will be Peter Egri, Clifford Leech, Tom Olsson and Timo Tiusanen.

ROBERT K. SARLOS, Professor of Dramatic Art, University of California at Davis, has recently completed an article on the Provincetown Players (pre-1923) as a forerunner of theatre collective and their connections with ideas then current in spiritual history, and is presently at work on a book--tentatively titled, The Provincetown Republic: Theatre Community.


ALBERT BERMEL, Professor of Theatre and Drama, Lehman College, is a drama critic and the author of Contradictory Characters (Dutton), and the 1974-75 winner of the George Jean Nathan Award for drama criticism.

LEONARD CHABROWE, critic and playwright, has written articles for The Kenyon Review, Dissent, Commonweal, and The Columbia Forum. His recent book, Ritual and Pathos: The Theater of O’Neill (Bucknell U. Press), has been praised by O’Neill’s Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, Louis Sheaffer, as “a notable and provocative addition to the canon of O’Neill criticism.”

JOHN HENRY RALEIGH, Professor of English, University of California, Berkeley, is author of The Plays of Eugene O’Neill (S. Illinois U. Press) and Twentieth Century Interpretations of “The Iceman Cometh.” (Prentice-Hall).

FREDERICK C. WILKINS, Professor of English, Suffolk University, Boston, is the perpetrator and editor of The Eugene O’Neill Newsletter.



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