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Editor: Harley Hammerman
St. Louis, Missouri

Volume 9


Our Contributors

SHAHED AHMED is an associate professor in the Department of English at Shahjalal University of Science & Technology in Sylhet, Bangladesh. He received his Ph.D. from Jahangirnagar University at Savar, Dhaka. He has six scholarly publications and has edited a play by William Wycherley and a book on linguistics.

ALI CZARNECKI is a senior studying English Literature and Professional Writing at Miami University. She was awarded The Mary Jo Priest Award through the University's English department for her research essay "Beyond Sexual Orientation: The Politics of Queer." Ali has worked with several campus publications and is currently the Features Editor for The Miami Quarterly.

CAROLINE HILL is a recent graduate of Miami University where she studied History and English Literature. “Rage Against Miscegenation” is her first published work. She is currently working to build her writing portfolio, which will have a focus in theatre and film, both past and present.

YUKO KURAHASHI is Associate Professor of Theatre History and Theory & Criticism at Kent State University. She is the author of Asian American Culture on Stage: The History of the East West Players (Garland, 1999) and Multicultural Theatre (Kendall/Hunt, 2004).

KEELY MOLONEY is a recent graduate of Miami University with a degree in English Literature. She is currently completing an internship with the Oxford Community Arts Center and is pursuing a career in editorial work. She would like to thank Dr. Kathleen Johnson for introducing her to performance studies and criticism and her encouragement throughout the editorial process.

LAUREN STONER is currently a senior at Miami University of Ohio. She is graduating in May with a degree in both English Literature and Creative Writing. She will be spending her summer in Luxembourg expanding her research on theater in 1920s America. This is her first publication, and she would like to thank her professor, Dr. Katie Johnson, for all the support and for introducing her to the wonderfully complex world of Eugene O'Neill.


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