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Strange Interlude
John Golden Theatre
Opened: Monday, January 30, 1928
Producer: Theatre Guild     Director: Philip Moeller
Original NY production
Charles Marsden - Tom Powers
Professor Leeds - Philip Leigh
Nina Leeds - Lynn Fontanne
Sam Evans - Earle Larimore
Edmund Darrell - Glenn Anders
Mrs. Amos Evans - Helen Westley
Gordon Evans, as a boy - Charles Walters
Madeline Arnold - Ethel Westley
Gordon Evans, as a man - John J. Burns

New York Evening Journal Review, January 31, 1928

New York Herald Tribune Review, March 11, 1928

New York Times Review, May 13, 1928

Actors' Equity Contract
Document Signed, 1 page, December 5, 1927
By Tom Powers and Theresa Helburn

Painter's Contract
Document Signed, 1 page, January 15, 1928
By Robert Bergman and Warren Munsell

Window Card


Theatre Program

Signed Vandamm photograph (13.25 x 10.25)

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