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Marco Millions
Guild Theatre
Opened: Monday, January 09, 1928
Producer: Theatre Guild     Director: Rouben Mamoulian
Original NY production
Christian Traveller - Philip Leigh
Magian Traveller - Mark Schweid
Buddhist Traveller - Charles Romano
Mahometan Captain - Robert Barrat
Corporal - Albert Van Dekker
Princess Kukachin - Margalo Gillmore
Marco Polo - Alfred Lunt
Donata - Natalie Browning
Tedaldo - Morris Carnovsky
Nicolo - Henry Travers
Maffeo - Ernest Cossart
Dominican Monk - Albert Van Dekker
Knight Crusader - George Cotton
Papal Courier - Sanford Meisner
One Ali Brother - H. H. McCollum
Older Ali Brother - Mark Schweid
The Prostitute - Mary Blair
A Dervish - John Henry
Indian Snake Charmer - John Henry
Buddhist Priest - Philip Leigh
Emissary From Kublai - Albert Van Dekker
Kublai, the Great Kaan - Baliol Holloway
Chu-Yin - Dudley Digges
Boatswain - H. H. McCollum
Ghazan - Morris Carnovsky
General Bayan - Robert Barrat
Messenger from Persia - Philip Leigh
Paulo Loredano - Philip Leigh
Buddhist Priest - Charles Romano
Taoist Priest - Louis Veda
Confucian Priest - Mark Schweid
Moslem Priest - H. H. McCollum

Women's Wear Daily Review, January 10, 1928

Costume Agreement
Typed Letter Signed, 1 page, New York, June 3, 1927
By Helene Pons Studio

Set Construction Agreement
Typed Letter Signed, 1 page, New York, June 10, 1927
By Wm A Bradys Theatrical Enterprises
With a Typed Letter dated June 1, 1927 from Lee Simonson

Director's Agreement
Document Signed, 1 page, October 20, 1927
By Rouben Mamoulian

Music Agreement
Document Signed, 1 page, November 18, 1927
By Emerson Whithorne and Warren Munsell
With a TLS dated Nov 25, 1927 from Eugene Dyrssen offering his score

Light and Property Plots
Carbon typescript, 15 pages

Theatre Program

Window Card

Theatre Program
Blackstone Theatre, Chicago, October 8, 1928

Hollis St. Theatre, Boston, December 31, 1928

Theatre Program
Hollis St. Theatre, Boston, December 31, 1928

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