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Mourning Becomes Electra
Theatre Guild touring company
Producer: Theatre Guild     Director: Philip Moeller
Seth Beckwith - Seth Arnold
Amos Ames - Harry Hermsen
Louisa Amos - Beatrice Moreland
Minnie Amos - Beatrice Maude
Christine Mannon - Florence Reed
Lavinia Mannon - Judith Anderson
Peter Niles - Eric Kalkhurst
Hazel Niles - Bernice Elliott
Adam Brant - Crane Wilbur
Ezra Mannon - Thurston Hall
Mrs. Josiah Borden - Beatrice Moreland
Mrs. Everett Hills - Beatrice Maude
Dr. Joseph Blake - George W. Callahan
Josiah Borden - Harry Hermsen
Everett Hills - Forrest Zimmer
Orin Mannon - Walter Abel
A Chantyman - Cameron King
Abner Small - George W. Callahan
Ira Mackel - Forrest Zimmer
Joe Silva - Harry Hermsen

Designer Contract
Document Signed, 1 page, December 18, 1931
By Robert Edmond Jones and Warren Munsell

Theatre Program
Ford's Theatre, Washington, D.C., January 4, 1932

Mail Order Form
National Theatre, Washington, D.C., January 11, 1932

Theatre Contract
Document Signed, 1 page, February 3, 1932
By Warren Munsell
For use of the Alvin Theatre

Theatre Program
Wilson Theatre, Detroit, March 14, 1932

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