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Homens ao Mar (Sea Plays)
Goodman Theatre, Chicago
Zona de Guerra, January 14-18, 2009
Longa Viagem de Volta pra Casa, January 21-25, 2009
Cardiff, January 28-31, 2009
Producer: Companhia Triptal     Director: André Garolli

Cast: Roberto Leite, Wagner Menegare, Renaldo Taunay, Pepe Ramirez, Kalil Jabbour, Bruno Feldman, Guilherme Lopes, João Bourbonnais, Juliana Liegel, Beth Rizzo, Malú Leiserovitch, André Markaos, Aline Reis

Chicago Tribune, January 16, 2009

Chicago Sun-Times, January 16, 2009

Chicago Tribune, January 24, 2009

Chicago Sun-Times January 31, 2009

Zona de Guerra     Rumo a Cardiff     Cardiff

Longa Viagem de Volta pra Casa

Theatre Program

Companhia Triptal was formed in 1990 with the mission of creating innovative productions for children. Their first project, Maria Clara Clareou, staged seven texts of Maria Clara Machado, a popular writer of plays for young people. For the past decade, the company has staged more adult productions with a special interest in the O'Neill's early sea plays—Zona de Guerra (In the Zone), Longa Viagem de Volta pra Casa (The Long Voyage Home) and Cardiff (Bound East for Cardiff), collectively titled Homens ao Mar (Sea Plays). Crafted in a variety of nontraditional spaces, Triptal's rendering of these works has brought the company considerable success in their home country: Zona de Guerra was awarded the prestigious APCA (Criteria Association) Award for "Best Spectacle" and was nominated for the Premio Shell de Teatro (Shell Theatre Award) for its striking gritty production. Cardiff received Shell nominations for its outstanding direction and musical direction, and received the Premio Shell for Best Scenic Design.

Triptal performs most of their work in their home of São Paulo, Brazil.  Through the support of Brazil's Public Programs for Culture Promotion, the company has produced more that 70 works in public spaces on the periphery of São Paulo, as well as in the festivals of Curitiba, Londrina, São Josédo Rio Preto and Suzano.  Their appearance at the Goodman marks Companhia Triptal's first time performing outside of Brazil.

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