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The Hairy Ape
Playwrights' Theatre
Opened: Thursday, March 09, 1922
Producer: Provincetown Players     Director: James Light
Original NY production
Moved to Plymouth Theatre, April 17, 1922
Robert Smith, "Yank" - Louis Wolheim
Paddy - Henry O'Neill
Long - Harold West
Mildred Douglas - Mary Blair
Her Aunt - Eleanor Hutchison
Second Engineer - Jack Gude
A Guard - Harry Gottlieb
Secretary - Harold McGee

New York Times Review, March 10, 1922

Billboard Review, April 15, 1922

The Freeman Review, April 26, 1922

Typed Manuscript, 8 pages, by James Light
Typed Letter, 1 page, by James Light to Captain Harwood, August 20, 1926
Extensive notes based on Light's direction of The Hairy Ape

Theatre Program

Theatre Program
Plymouth Theatre

Plymouth Theatre
From Scene 3 with Yank (Louis Wolheim) & Mildred Douglas (Carlotta Monterey)

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