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The Emperor Jones
Playwrights' Theatre
Opened: Monday, November 01, 1920
Producer: Provincetown Players     Director: George Cram Cook
Original NY production
Moved to Selwyn Theatre, Dec 27, 1920
Moved to Princess Theatre, Jan 29, 1921
Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, Nov 21, 1921
Brutus Jones - Charles S. Gilpin
Harry Smithers - Jasper Deeter
An Old Native Woman - Christine Ell
Lem, a Native Chief - Charles Ellis
Jeff - S. I. Thompson
The Prison Guard - James Martin
The Auctioneer - Frederick Ward Roege
The Congo Witch Doctor - Michio Itow

New York Tribune Review, November 4, 1920

New York Times Review, November 7, 1920

New York Call Review, November 10, 1920

Theatre Program

Theatre Program
Selwyn Theatre

Selwyn Theatre

Theatre Program
Princess Theatre

Theatre Program
Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia

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