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Desire Under the Elms
Circle In The Square
Opened: Tuesday, January 08, 1963
Producer: Theodore Mann     Director: Jose Quintero
Eban Cabot - Rip Torn
Simeon Cabot - Clifford A. Pellow
Peter Cabot - Lou Frizzell
Ephraim Cabot - George C. Scottt
Abbie Putnam - Colleen Dewhurst
A Young Girl - Leonora Landau
A Man - Charles Creasap
A Fiddler - Douglas Roberts
An Old Farmer - Jerome Collamore
The Sheriff - Charles Mundy

New York Times Review, January 11, 1963

Theatre Program (May, 1963)
Signed by Salome Jens (replaced Colleen Dewhurst as Abbie Putnam)

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