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Ah, Wilderness!
Broadcast: Sunday, February 13, 1949
Adapted: Arthur Arent
Producer: The Theatre Guild On The Air      Director: Homer Fickett
Sponsored by United States Steel Corporation
Nat Miller - Walter Huston
Essie - Vera Allen
Arthur - James Dobson
Richard - Skip Homeier
Mildred - Mary MacArthur
Tommy - David Anderson
Sid Davis - John Gibson
Lily Miller - Florida Freibus
David McComber
- Bill Adams
Muriel McComber - Susan Douglas
Wint Selby - Jack Manning
Belle - Ruth Gilbert
Bartender - Earl George
Salesman - Russell Collins

Radio Contract
Document Signed, 1 page, May 13, 1948
By Larry White (for Walter Huston) and Armina Marshall

Radio Contract
Document Signed, 1 page, February 1, 1949
By Skip Homeier and Armina Marshall

Radio Script
Mimeograph script dated February 13, 1949 - "As Broadcast"

Radio Program

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